Saturday, December 31, 2016

January 2017 Challenge To Create Prompts

Saying GOODBYE to 2016 and HELLO to 2017!!!!! I have to say, 2016 was challenging for me. I learned so much and let go of so many physical things and emotional thoughts. I also did a ton of art. Some posted on Instagram, but for the most part keeping it to myself and finding me.

A HUGE part of the Instagram art is something I have been doing with Janet Joehlin for well over a year. Daily posts (well almost daily, we are human) based on a list of prompts that we made together. It is so fun to see what the other interprets the prompt as.

We have had people ask where our list is so they could play along. For this year we decided to make a whole new list, incorporating more weekly/monthly rituals and decided to post it online. We will post the prompts for the next month on the last day of the previous month on our blogs. If someone wants to play great, if not--absolutely NO worries! This isn't an official challenge, just a Maria and Janet challenge. We do it to motivate each other to make art EVERY day! Which, btw isn't very hard :) 

Hope to see you on Instagram!
Happy New Year!

Join Us on Instagram: Janet HERE Maria HERE
Use the #'s: #challengetocreate #creativeeveryday
Saturday = PP-Planner Prompt
Sunday = Quote

Monday = Mandala

31 PP-Word for the Year
1 Weekly Quote
2 Monday Mandala
3 Flur de lis
4 Alphabet
5 Flower of the Month-Carnation
6 Doodle-Blue
7 PP-Add an Arrow
8 Weekly Quote
9 Monday Mandala
10 Ice Cubes
11 Cut a Snowflake
12 Draw the Weather
13 Favorite Smell
14 PP-Trace Your Hand
15 Weekly Quote
16 Monday Mandala
17 Design Your Own Winter Hat
18 Spool/Bobbin of Thread
19 Cinnamon Rolls
20 Circles
21 PP-Add a Map
22 Weekly Quote
23 Monday Mandala
24 Angel
25 Use a Brayer
26 Bird of the Month—Cardinal
27 Obsession of the Month
28 PP-Add Fabric
29 Weekly Quote
30 Monday Mandala

31 Basket Pattern

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  1. Though yet another year comes to an end!! so many things happened, hope nothing changes too much! Anyways you have lovely Style Maria... Keep at it!!


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