Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Inktober...A Month In Review

I decided to challenge myself this last month and participate in Inktober. I've done daily challenges before and loved them. I could have just used the prompt list provided or drawn random things along the way...but I wanted toI pick a theme with a more personal challenge. Mandala's. They are probably my favorite thing to draw. 

Did I ever think I wouldn't make it through the 31 days? no. Did I think they would be less involved, yes. It is defiantly my form of meditation and the only way I can really tune out the voices in my head. I can say that the month was truly some sort of therapy for me.

As you can probably tell, my favorite thing to add is little circles. There is something weird in my brain that takes over when I start doing that. The only thing that keeps me from not doing them all day is my hand--it starts to hurt after awhile.

Did I miss color? yes and no. Something inside of me loves the idea that I can just have paper and some pens and be able to create without all the other "stuff" that I "collect". How did I get them all done? I worked in 3 different journals. At night I would usually sketch in the idea and then the next day I would ink it. Yes, I sketched it first. I LOVE pencil and my choice is always to pick up a pencil first. Even if I don't erase it is the knowing that I can.

Did I like them all? no. Some I thought were really wonky. Will I continue now that the 31 days are over? of course! They are something I draw all the time anyway. I'd like to take it even further and improve my skills. 

If you would like to see any closer you can find them all on my Instagram feed. Now, I'm off to draw! 
Thanks for stopping by today 
a great BIG thank you 
to all the people who left comments and cheered me on
over on Instagram!!


  1. Wow, Maria... I'm blown away by these beauties. I admire your motivation to keep going. Love them so much.

  2. Maria, thes are so wonderful! I am so glad to see your art here. Beautiful!

  3. Just fantastic work Maria. So much patience, such beauty. Xox

  4. I love your Mandala drawings, you are always upto chaklengng yourself and that is a good thing to invest in for you give yourself oppprtunitues to learn a lot of things besides enhancing your skills,


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