Monday, August 31, 2015

The Stencils Win!!

This past Saturday in the Chicagoland area was a rainy, dreary, don't want to do anything kind of day! So many thing that needed to get done but didn't feel like doing ANY of them! I figured the least I could do was clean off my desk so I could make some art.....well that is where I went wrong or I guess right!

I have a terrible shiny object syndrome.....I can be totally engrossed in something and then BAM! I see something out of the corner of my eye and that thing I was working on--GONE! In this case it was the new stencils that were sitting on my desk designed by Desiree Habicht. Get more information on StencilGirl Talk today

I thought to myself, "just a minute, just try them and then get back to the desk cleaning"....well, that didn't happen, LOL!

Apparently with the yucky weather I was thinking Fall....I used one of my leftover paint journals to just play with all three of her stencils together seeing how they worked. Well....that led to an ah ha moment.....

I took that leftover paint and moved to one of my regular journals...enter let's clean off those brushes and start again....

I know these weren't Fall flowers but I was loving the color palette and went with it. They made a pretty background.

But....I wanted to play with all three stencils together (they are quite different in theme).

What was my ah ha moment......Protection! I will protect the peace I am trying to achieve in my life. This stencil said it perfectly to me..and that is how art happens for me....out of a thought....a feeling. It is what makes me happy....

I thought I'd show you another little piece I did with the stencils when I first got them. Now don't get all excited...this was done with Crayola Kid Markers at 1:00AM in the morning. Just playing with it to get the feel. We buy all these expensive art supplies and let me tell you, those Crayola markers have some intense color, not to mention I seem to feel more free when I use I'm not wasting anything when you can get a ton of them for about $5.00!

In other news....
Tomorrow is the BIG day!!!!
Brave Girl University comes alive!!!
I'm a so honored to be involved in a project with so many creative souls in one place. Just AMAZING!!!! If you didn't sign up yet there is still time. You get all the classes and they never expire AND they keep adding new ones EVERY month! I'll be there, hope to see you! Just follow the Brave Girl Link here  to get more information or click on the photo below to sign up :) PS: If you sign up before tomorrow there is a special incentive to get the Brave Box add on for $20 (if you want) and lock in the lower price before the prices increases to $24.95. I wait patiently for my Brave Box EVERY month :)

Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. I love this! Great new stencils and I love it when the unexpected happens and you get that aha moment!

  2. Blew me away! Love the feeling behind the protection symbolism and how you expressed it with doodling and color!

  3. I love it! I love the warriors, the colors and the thought that went into it! Cleaning our art rooms is not so bad.

  4. You always come through with beautiful art.. whether planned or not. Those stencils are beautiful.

    1. They were fun to play with Judy!! Wish you were playing with me!!!

  5. Maria, beautiful palette and results. Fun, and I have to remember that shiny object syndrome. Too funny. Love the new stencils

    1. My family calls me shiny object girl Denise :) It can get me into trouble sometimes, but not this one :) Thanks for stopping by!

  6. What amazing artwork, Maria!! You are such an inspiration!! :)

  7. Oh, Maria, I love everything about this page. ❤️

  8. Maria! I love the idea of protecting your peace. The warriors are perfect - they're so courageous! The contrast of the loosely painted background and the strong line work from your doodling and stencils are striking! Beautiful work :)


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