Saturday, August 1, 2015

My Path Is Taking A Brave Girl Turn In the Road

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I'm so excited, nervous, grateful.....
It is true....some things come into your life when you need them most--literally out of no where, this I know is true. 
They also come into your life for a reason.

I'm honored, beyond my wildest dreams to be joining other talented Brave Girls as a teacher in the NEW Brave Girl University coming 
September 1st!

It is a new fork in my path and I hope you will come along with me. The Brave Girls philosophy is something I am very passionate about. As a matter of fact I will say that Melody, Kathy and the Brave Girl team have changed my life quite literally. 
Now I want to share what I learned and so much more with you.

Want to join me? 

Today is the pre-launch
I would love if you would follow me over and get more information and save yourself a spot to come learn even further with me. I promise to do my very best and help as many people as I can along the way.


  1. How wonderful and exciting!! Congratulations, Maria! Brave Girls University looks fabulous!

  2. Oh wow oh wow!!! This is so unbelivably fantastic and I am *thrilled* for you!!! xoxox

  3. This is such exciting news! I am so thrilled that everyone will get to see more of the incredible creativity you have inside you!

  4. Congratulations Maria! This is awesome! I can't wait to see more about the classes... sounds amazing!

  5. When we first met, Brave Girls was firmly in your heart. I am so happy for you that this is a new path that will break open the petals of a new blossom in your soul. xox

  6. How exciting, Maria! Thrilled for you and hoping it's all your wish it to be!

  7. That is so exciting!! I really like this Brave Girl University idea - hope to take part in it. :)

    1. Thanks Aino! It is going to be an amazing group of teachers!


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