Tuesday, June 2, 2015

This one is for Rae Missigman and a TIP!

So many stencils so few hours......

Today I'm talking Rae Missigman!
When I saw these stencils come into StencilGirl I knew it was in LOVE at first site. 
I already LOVED working with Rae (she is just the sweetest, kind person)....but these stencils???? 
Pure bunch of amazing HAPPY!!!!

So many ideas in my head for them!
Today I will show you one and give you a tip when using her stencils and then I'll be back on Thursday with another Art Journal page I made. 
Below are some close-ups of the above page.
I did this page in a 

Fabriano EcoQua Notebook. I absolutely love working in these journals. They are soft bound, stapled and not really Art Journals per se, but for some reason I feel like I don't have to be perfect in them which gives me the freedom.

For being only 6" x 8" it gives me the perfect amount of space to experiment. As a matter of fact, I used EVERY one of Rae's 15!!! 4" x 4" stencils on this ONE page!

Ready for a TIP??
Rae's stencils are small and lovely and you get both parts, the stencil and the mask! But.....if you loose things like I do, you might want to try what I did.
I used an old plastic case I had in my stash. It is similar to a CD case. I keep all the stencils and mask parts in it and that way no missing parts! It is super small and I can throw it in my bag to take these with me to create on the go!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Gorgeous colors and dimensions!! Love that you used all of Rae's mini stencils on this!
    And that tip is GREAT! I do have an empty CD case that's going to be put to good use now! Thanks for the tip!

  2. oops can't tell if my comment posted. This one may be a duplicate. Awesome page and love your tip on storing the smaller stencils/masks.

  3. Absolutely joyful and playful and full of joy! Did I mention joyful?

  4. Love your page... so much fun going on here! And what a fantastic tip about the plastic case! I need to do that... such a great idea.

  5. Great idea,Maria! Thanks for sharing that - also, I love your pages you made with her stencils…so happy, and yes, like Carolyn said, joyful! Oh, let us not forget FUN! I bought these stencils right after they became available and so far I haven't been ready to take them off my desk yet, but I do love the idea of the plastic case for them - perfect!

  6. This is gorgeous Maria! Just gorgeous! Loving all those colors! I LOVE your tip too! I put each one of mine in a small clear envelope and put all the envelopes in a clear zipper pencil pouch! I love this idea of your hard cd case! Going to have to wrangle one up! Thanks for sharing your time and talent with us! xx Rae

  7. Great idea about putting the stencils in a case, duh! I need to go do that right now as a matter of fact. Love your page, it is so dimensional!


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