Monday, March 30, 2015

Color Burst and Stencils YES!

Just popping in with a quick post to continue where I left off with Ken Oliver's Color Burst last week in the StencilGirl Blog Hop.

I had so many ideas and was just playing. Here I wanted to see what would happen if I used the Color Bursts over a page with gesso on it. I also wanted to use the one piece I had left over from my post HERE

I started in my Moleskine DLP planner wetting the page completely with water. Then I put random bursts of color with the Color Burst.

The final product.....after tilting my book around:

PRETTY! As I said last week, these Color Bursts could be my "go to" travel supply!!!! 
Now I have to use a stencil...just HAVE to :)

I chose the Ribbons and Circles stencil by Mary Beth Shaw. I let my page dry COMPLETELY and then laid the stencil so it covered my entire spread. Using a baby wipe I wiped away the color showing through the stencil to give me a textured background.

The final results......I added the LOVE piece I made HERE with Color Burst and stencils as a tip in to my page.

Yes...I think I LOVE Color Burst!!!!!!!
Thanks for stopping by today!!!!

Stencils Used:

Ribbons and Circles


  1. Wow! You are on a roll with the Color Burst, Maria!
    Going to have to try this cool technique!

  2. I think one of the best things about Color Bursts is that it comes in this squeeze bottle that allows you to use a little at a time, with precision. Years ago I bought a similar product from the UK -- Brusho. But it came in little jars that you had to dip into, with a tiny tool of some kind. Before that, I used powdered fabric dyes, which were dangerous to be using! So Color Bursts is a great idea all the way around -- and your artwork is, as always, fantastic, Maria!

  3. Ooh... yet another great technique that I never thought of! It's good to know you can do this with the Color Bursts! And I agree - they're a great travel supply... light and small with tons of potential!

  4. ohhh! color bursts over gesso - how fab.

  5. What an easy way to get a fabulous background. They have them at Ephemera Paducah so I will get to play when I am there and can't wait to try this!


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