Sunday, November 9, 2014

No Assignment, No To Do List, Art Just For Fun

A few weeks ago I had a night all to myself. What to do, what to do???
So many projects to get done art related, clean the bathrooms, read a book....
NO--I want to make something just for fun. Something that no one knows I'm making so if I screw up (there are no mistakes in art) then no one will know....SILENCE
Not a clue what to do.

Ahhhh....I know I'll go do Carolyn's 21 Secrets lesson. I knew all about it from watching it come to life and was so excited for her to be part of the 21 Secrets class....but actually go do it just for fun?? That is crazy talk....and crazy I went.

Do you see that beautiful paper up at the top of the post and way down at the end?? 
Well that was "my" version of Carolyn's online 21 Secrets class.

I ended up making three pieces of this paper, which I have to tell you put me into some kind of relaxed trance. So hard to photograph metallics, but WOW this paper is pretty!

I kept one to look at and touch...something I do quite often. Yes, I guess I'm weird...and the other two are for projects. Here, I cut stars out to start a week in my DLP Documented Life Project. The week was a star theme. My kids just happened to be home for Fall Break a few days earlier and I took this photo. It all sort of just went together perfect. **This was my page before all my details of the week got put in.
Yes, this class is a star shining bright!!! 
I had so much fun doing the lesson. If I didn't, I wouldn't be posting about it.
Thanks Carolyn--you ALWAYS inspire me. If you would like to sign up for 21 Secrets and have some fun I highly suggest it :) You can sign up HERE.

Thanks for stopping by today!
I'm going to go make some soup right now...for some reason I have a craving for it :)


  1. I could look at that all day long! And then to use the stars with such a beautiful photo of your kids- priceless!

  2. Very inspiring, Maria!! Love it!
    And love the new look of your blog, too! :)

  3. I'm the same way, Maria -- I love to run fingertips over texture in artwork! You made great use of your opportunity to create!

  4. I love rubbing my hands over textured surfaces. So, I know what you mean. These colors are to die for.
    Happy to have a day/night to yourself. I never get those.

  5. That paper you made really does look wonderful touch! The stars cut from it look fab against the black... great pages!


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