Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Using Stencils To Make Unique Painted Paper

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Sometimes, I love to just take a day and make some background papers to later use in my Art Journal and other projects. That is what I did with Orly's.

I started out by taking deli paper that was 5" x 5" and only 3 colors of paint to see what I could come up with using all 5 of Orly's new stencils from StencilGirl You can see them all  HERE.

I ended up making 9 pieces which looked like this.

I really loved them, but of course, I couldn't stop there! I ripped all the pieces apart and then began glueing them with Matte Medium to a larger piece of deli paper. The patterns in these stencils are incredible!

This was so mindless and FUN!!!! What did I end up with??
 A large piece and 2 smaller pieces of one of a kind paper which I will use in a future Art Journal page or project.

 Thanks for stopping by today! 


  1. Very cool! Plus it sounds just fun!! :D The papers you made are gorgeous and the collage of them is even more so!

  2. Home run Maria! The more I look at your collaged piece to more I see - so much depth and pattern- brilliant to stick to 3 colors too!

  3. Fantastic explosion of color, pattern, texture, and shapes...

  4. Really fun. I really like the colors you chose to work with those stencils Maria, bravo. xox

  5. Perfect timing for me x3! i was in need of an idea to make some of my own paper for a class i want to take and the look of your pieces is just what I was going for, I also was looking for a differnt color pallette and I really like yours and finally i love those stencils and now i have an excuse to buy them. so thank you x3!

  6. Love the colors and texture. Must get out my stencils and play.

  7. Beautiful Maria! I have so many left over pieces of stenciled/printed papers. I'll have to try this.

  8. Your collage pieces have a lot of depth and many patterns...must look deeply to notice it all. The yellow and raspberry colors are very enticing to look at.. Blend so well together. Thanks for sharing.

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