Monday, June 30, 2014

Do These Colors Look Familiar?

Do these colors look familiar??
Well they should....if you scroll down you will see when I first used them with Orly Avineri's new stencils from StencilGirl last week.

What did I do with the leftover paint??
Made a page in my art journal...of course :)

I used all of Cecilia Swatton's new designs basically with the same process I started my project with Orly's stencils. Layering over and over on the page with all the different stencils. You can see bits and pieces of them if you look close.

Just some fun that I wanted to share .

Have a great day!


  1. Leftover paint is a good thing - it led to this! Love how the layers are well, layered, to give it such depth and interest!

  2. This is beautiful, Maria, and I agree with Carolyn -- I use leftover paints, too. Thanks, Maria, for choosing this stencil, Branching Blossoms, in today's post! :-)

  3. So very gorgeous, Maria! Wow! The colors are rich and glowing...and so much depth!

  4. Striking Maria! Love that color palette with Cecelia's new stencils!

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