Monday, May 26, 2014

Letting Out Stress in My Art Journal

Doodling is always my TOP pick for letting out stress, but sometimes I don't feel like getting in that zone and just want to blow off some steam. How do I do that??! Easy! Art--fast--no thinking.

The other night I needed to blow off some steam. New stencils! That's it! These are being released to day from new StencilGirl Artist Roxanne Evans Stout. Absolutely LOVE them! Of course I love them, they have birds on them.

I had some old markers that I was going to throw away. They stink and are mostly dried up. One last project--what could be better than markers I don't care about. Quick 10 minute pages...10 minutes NO more.

Ahhhhh....sometimes that is all you need! Congrats Roxanne on some fabulous stencils!


  1. LOVE what you did with Roxanne's new stencils! Wonderful pages and stencils!!

  2. Love your doodle pages. I'm a bird fan too. Going to check out Roxanne's Stencils

  3. These are fun pages! Don't you feel like sometimes you need to turn a valve (like an old radiator) to let that stress out!?!? So glad we have our journals...

  4. Maria! You have given me a big smile here, I just love what you did with my stencils, these are so sweet! xoxo roxanne

  5. Such lovely pages to come from stress! A true release-

  6. Ambition has but one reward for all: A little power, a little transient fame; A grave to rest in, and a fading name photography

  7. Just love what you did with her stencils... the colors you use are eye appealing. Will have to dig deeper into your blog and hope to find your descriptions of your process and thinking... Thanks for sharing your talents.


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