Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Are You Kidding Me??!!

I seem to say that a LOT lately! I cannot believe that I forgot to show this Art Journal page. It was tucked away in a folder on my computer. BOUNDARIES! Another thing I have been saying a LOT lately! Make some! I love words and LOVE this stencil called Uplifting Words designed by my buddy Carolyn Dube. The one in the background is also by Carolyn called Scribble Scratch :)


  1. I agree, Maria, both about the issue of boundaries, and about the fantastic word stencils created by Carolyn Dube! Putting those elements together, you can't go wrong! Very nice job -- so glad you unearthed it!

  2. Amen Sister! Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries. Love your page ~ thanks for sharing!

  3. Big plates overflowing at your house...Boundaries, yes, trying to keep mine intact. xox

  4. Wow- is it something in the universe? Boundaries are needed here too! regrouping as we write! thank you for the reminder Maria! ")

  5. Funny how that word POPS even without the black paint... we all need 'em!


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