Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sometimes You Just Have To Cover It UP!

You know the projects...the one's that go south, you want to rip up...why did you start?? Well, this was one of them. I have many :)

Here is how it started...without the stencil drawn on. 
That came later...more mess!

When I'm on the phone, I doodle...TOTALLY RANDOM doodles. Sometimes I think my mind is nuts. I like repetition...over and over and over again. It is usually circles--today it was squares. Why did I add color? I was trying out some new watercolors. I really didn't care what I was doing.

When I received the samples of my new stencils in the mail from StencilGirl Products I opened my art journal to this page. What could I do to "fix" it. As you can see I outlined the stencil onto it. That wouldn't do...I messed it up more. I am a very determined person when it comes to bringing something back to life.

These are the two stencils I used:

                                        Teardrop Doily 4" x 4"                  Loopy Doily 6" x 6"

What else did I use? A black marker and a white gel pen.
Now I no longer think it was a fail. 
and seriously that is all I care about. It doesn't' really matter if other people like it, I have to like it :)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Technicolor glory. Love this Maria. xox

  2. Love the bright colors against the black and your new WONDERFUL stencils!!
    Yay for doodling!!

  3. Looking at this makes me feel happy too. The colours sing and the entire page dances!

  4. Maria, I love both your original background and the wonderful creation that arose from using stencils to blacken out parts of the original.

  5. Oh My Gosh Maria!!!! I love the finished work! Very stunning! Very Eye Catching. Very Bold! But what are you talking about???? Epic Fail? I don't think so!!! That bright page of square doodles makes my heart SING!!!!! You Watch...I am going to have some of those in my Daily or DLP one day soon! I am TOTALLY STEALING THAT!!!! LOL Have I told you lately how awesome you are? signed, the President of your Fan Club!

  6. I totally love how it came out Maria! Beautiful!! And that first part is really very cool- would make a great piece on its own! Cwazy wabbit!

  7. So clever! Will have to remember to do that when I mess up! WOW = LOVE!

  8. Really cool, this turned out great.
    (but I liked the squares too ;)

  9. that is wonderful, what a vibrant design, i would never have thought of doing that. I loved the page originally mind you im a sucker for lots of colour
    Gill xx

  10. this design would make a great quilt cover


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