Friday, March 28, 2014

Stand Out

**If you are looking for the StencilGirl/Lost Coast Design Blog Hop keep scrolling down the page**

Here is the other page that I finished up in my art journal while I had the Lost Coast Designs stamps out. This page was also started months ago. Here is what it looked like when I started. I was paying with my Stitch A Circle stencil from StencilGirl Products...and there it stayed.

It was pretty ugly!
When I came back to it now I decided to just paint over it with some gold paint I had out. However, I didn't realize that the gold paint was transparent when I picked it up.

I went to get another gold paint to cover it and then looked again--I think I like it!
It sort of made the circles look like they were floating in outer space to me. I carried on!

So, this has got to be the simplest art journal page EVER!
Now I took the Doll Faces stencil from Lost Coast Designs (same one I used in the Blog Hop) but this time I used two of the different faces. 

I stamped onto deli paper and cut them out. I glued them on with some Gel Medium and wrote a title with a white paint pen. 

I realized that I wrote something similar on another recent art journal page HERE. I wonder if I am trying to tell myself something :)


  1. So great, Maria!!
    You are on a roll with your art! :)

  2. Love the journal page and the feelings in it! Of course, now I am excited to make my own outer space art with that stencil - you how much of sci fi nerd I am...

  3. I love the circles, Marie!

  4. Love the repetition of the faces and your stand-out girl.

  5. Wow Maria--I love what the gold transparency added too. It really did give an ethereal dimension. Like the finished piece as well. (I just ordered some Stencil Girl stamps and a couple are your designs--so excited!)

  6. I love the way you used the faces to make a statement.


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