Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I Am An Artist

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While I had my Lost Coast Designs stamps out for the Blog Hop, I decided to make a few pages in my art journal....or rather FINISH a few pages in my art journal :)

I started this one with a page I did a few months ago with my Stitch A Greek Border stencil from StencilGirl Products. I had some left over grey molding paste that I had mixed and didn't know what to do with it so I used the stencil onto a plain black background. 

There is stood. 
Until now....
To finish this really simple art journal page, all I did was cut a circle of some painted paper I had made with my Chevron Doily stencil and glue it down to the middle of the page. You can see all the papers I made with the Chevron Doily HERE.

I took the Little Artist stamp from Lost Coast Designs and stamped it in black ink on deli paper and then trimmed around the edges and glued it on.

I LOVE this stamp :) Some doodling with a white gel pen and I was done! 
Just a note: I hand cut my letters on the page with that same painted paper made out of the Chevron stencil., if only in my art journal, I can say.....

I am an artist!!!

Thanks for stopping by today!!!


  1. Oh my gosh, Maria!
    This is so precious!
    You are definitely on a roll and DEFINITELY an artist!!

  2. You most definitely are an artist and one hell of a stencil designer too! I love this art journal page!

  3. You are a most creative artist in so many ways.....xox

  4. I love that stamp!!!! Yes! A great proclamation!!! You Are An Artist!!! xoxo

  5. Beautiful Maria! I always love the freshness in your art!!

  6. Yes you are, Girrrrrrrrrrrrl. This is fabulous.


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