Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cupcakes Gone Wild!


At one point several months ago a certain friend of mine, not to mention names....Carolyn Dube told me to NEVER show this page, LOL! It all started with this stencil--Cupcake Sprinkles from StencilGirl.

I was struggling over what to do for a project--STRUGGLING!
I decided to do one of my usual just make pattern in my art journal pages. 
It was NOT pretty! As a matter of fact Carolyn told me so :)
Here is a little peek of how it started out BEFORE the stencil.
Sadly, it just went south after I added some stenciling....

Well, that was all I needed! 
I was determined to make it better!
Many months later I revisited this page feeling all the negative feels that I felt from a FAIL!
Time to "fix" it!
Take out those pens, markers and play away I did!
Today, I sort of like this page. It looks like an explosion in a cupcake dream!
It just shows that not every page is a winner.....just keep trying!

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. I'd eat those cupcakes any day Maria! xox

  2. It is true I did totally agree with you about that page in the middle...it just wasn't finished yet because you weren't happy with it. Where you took it magical - glad you kept adding to it! I think this would make the most amazing fabric..hint hint...

  3. Yes, it does look just like a creation right out of the Willy Wonka movie!! Yummy colors and designs- glad you kept working it!

  4. Wow.. what a makeover. LOVE them.. can I eat that colored frosting?

  5. It just goes to show that it's not done until you like it! I love all the bright colours!


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