Monday, January 13, 2014

The Missing Art Journal Page

A few months ago on StencilGirl Talk we had a Blog Hop featuring StencilGirl Artist Cecilia Swatton. 
Was I in 
Was I supposed to be.....YES! 
Did I drop the ball??!! 

I made sure all the paperwork was done, contacted the team, made sure everything was ready....everything but me! I had started the project but totally forgot to finish it. I couldn't believe it when someone told me the link to my blog didn't didn't work because it wasn't there.

Well now...a few months later I found the project in my journal and finished it. I
 figured out why I didn't finish.
I started here with Cecilia's Mimosa Stencil.

Then I added some weird orange and purple paint...why??? I have NO idea!
Then I decided to cover it up with circles, what else is always circles.
Then I must have decided...YUCK! I hate it! 

So now I decided to FOCUS on the good parts and you know what?? 
I think I like it!
My apologies, again, to Cecilia for dropping the stencil!


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