Friday, January 17, 2014

More Picking Parts From a Stencil

The other day I did a BLOG POST about how I picked out parts of a 
stencil to make a art journal page.
I've done that again here the Stitch A Greek Border Stencil I designed for StencilGirl.

My page started out like this. 
Left over paint that I didn't want to waste. 

Over time, I kept going back to it and adding things with the same stencil over and over as I had left over paint. Some pen work in the end and I was done. 
I love doing this with left over paint.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. It's amazing that our most joyful works come from our leftovers. As if that compilation of experience coalesces and shine through. xox

  2. Maria, this is fabulous...I love the white 'stitching' along those original loopy paint lines!

  3. I just love looking and looking to see all the ways you've used the stencil with such bright colors!

  4. GORGEOUS colors and composition! Love it! :))

  5. love all those layers and the organic way it all came together!

  6. I like how you continued to add to the art with the different elements or the stencil.


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