Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Peek Into My Daily Art Journal Day Seven

Day Seven....I think I can make it to TEN! 
Serioulsy, I don't think anyone is reading this, but I'm happy I'm doing it :)

This is a page I consider totally undone. I didn't like where it was going so I stopped. Just left the ornaments sketched in. I'm sure at some point I'll go back and finish them.

Everyone was crabby in my house these few days and it made me crabby. Thank goodness that week is over :)

I will say the doodling around the border kept me busy enough that I didn't have to pay attention to the crabby--so that is a GOOD thing.

Tomorrow, I'll be back with a stop on a StencilGirl Blog my Daily Art Journal.
See you then!


  1. I'm reading this!:) Keep the loveliness going, you're on the home stretch!

  2. Hellooooooooooo.. I'm reading your posts. I love your pages.. so colorful and full of emotion. Keep going.

  3. I'm reading [hand raised].
    Keep on having fun...:)

  4. I'm reading, too!
    I love how you included Dominick's closing in your pages!
    Go, Maria, go!!

  5. I bet you have more people reading than you realize. I am enjoying your new (or renewed) endeavor very much. You can make it to 10!

  6. I'm also reading and enjoying looking at your pages.


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