Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Peek Into My Daily Art Journal Day TEN!!

Day TEN!!!
I made it!!!!
TEN day straight of posting on my blog in my Daily Art Journal!

You know what?? 
I loved it!
I hope that any of you that were reading enjoyed it too! I am determined to keep this up. Maybe not EVERY day, but at least a few times a week. 
I think I learned a very valuable lesson along the way that maybe some of you struggle with too. I always think that everything that I post on my blog has to be a "finished" piece. Something that I would want to see in a magazine or a Design Team post. Well you know what?? It doesn't have to be. It has to be who you are. What YOU are doing right now because after all....that is what it is all about right? Sharing, inspiring eachother and leaving a little piece of yourself in this crazy world.

Thanks for stopping by today...I appreciate it so much!
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  1. Holy Mackerel! I just opened BlogLovin' and realized you have been on a mighty posting roll! Your pages look great, so full of life - really love the enthusiasm on the one with "Casey Home" writing... enjoy your time together!

  2. Not only did you reach your goal- you have some very wise words in here! Love this!

  3. I see your favorite color - at least one of them - made it to spread 10. Okay you did going. Love that you are challenging yourself....and making beauty along the way. xox

  4. Such a great number, that ten. That is an accomplishment and you are so inspirational. I have loved seeing create these bold and beautiful pages.

  5. Oh my I better get busy. My goal is to do something arty each day. Could be sewing, could be photography.

  6. I love what you posted here. Wise words that I will follow. Thanks so much


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