Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Peek Into My Art Journal Day THREE

Day THREE of a peek into my art journal brings some stencil use.

The flower shapes that you see on the page are the center portion of my Stitch A Doily stencil that I designed for StencilGirl Products.

The shapes that you see behind the words work, work, work are a piece from my Butterfly Duo stencil that I designed for StencilGirl Products. Just a piece of the tail turned upside down.

The rest of the pen work is doodling.

Thanks for stopping by!
I'll be back tomorrow with Day FOUR!

**NOTE: Please excuse the blurry parts you will see in my pages. After all, it is my personal there are bound to be some personal parts that I blur out :) 


  1. Beautiful...and what a great idea to blur out the of yet, I've just not posted anything to personal but a quick edit in Photoshop and you can share the art without baring your soul! Brilliant.

  2. I love how you used your doily stencil! It is bursting with color and energy!

  3. I'm catching up, Maria. I am in love with your daily pages. I really need to have a talk with myself and create everyday. So happy you are in a good place with your son at college now. I know it's such a big transition for both of you. Your colors you are putting into these pages are amazing... and the layers and stencils.. juicy love.


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