Monday, November 4, 2013

Stenciling My Art is You Trades

I recently attended Art is You Stamford! 
What fun we had! 
a little work + a little FUN = a trip to remember!

One of the fun things at Art is You is making optional trades to bring with to swap with all the people in attendance. Since I consider myself totally socially awkward this is right up my alley because it gives you something to talk about right away :)

I was a "little" behind before I left and hadn't started my trades 2 days before I left. What could I do??? FAST!

I got out my Stitch a Greek Border stencil that I designed for StencilGirl and started stenciling on black duck cloth scraps I had.

Nothing fancy. Just laid it down right like it is and kept stenciling over and over and over. Great, now I had beautiful fabric. What the heck was I going to do with that??? Hand each person a piece--no.....then they would really look at me weird.

I was getting together my supplies and threw some of my work business cards and my personal business cards in my bag and it HIT me! YES! a business card holder! I remembered that last time I went I collected all these business cards from people and I had no where to put them and didn't want to loose them. That was it! A place to store all my cards I receive. I thought I'd start people out by giving them one of each of my cards. And that is the story of how my trades came to life.
HAPPY Monday!


  1. What a GREAT idea! I love this! Bring me one? hehehe xoxo

  2. How darn cute are these. Simple and gorgeous. Got to bump up my game for next October. Better start now! xox

  3. These are so nice. Great idea. You must have been depleted by the time I got there. Bummer.

  4. These are wonderful- a fun trade that was so much fun- an very unique! Love the gold on the black- really popped!

  5. Thanks for the information... I really love your blog posts... specially those on Local Tamil News

  6. This is so nice.. Looks like you had a fun time.

  7. These are so beautiful.... thrilled to have one in real life!


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