Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Carolyn Dube's Colorful Gelli Print Party September!

I did it, I did it!!
I found time to go to the party!!

Heck, I even used my own stencil I designed for StencilGirl in it! 
That's a 2 or 1 deal!
Introducing my Stitch a Circle Stencil from StencilGirl!

Carolyn had used my stencil in her Colorful Gelli Plate Print Party post for this month so I took that lead to get started. I was seriously just playing with no direction I as going whatsoever! Sometimes I even like what the Gelli Plate looks like by itself :)

These two prints plus one (now shown) were my favorite. 
Now what to do, what to do?????

As I did in a previous Gelli Party....I cut the pieces apart and made one!

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Yep! I'm pretty much in love with the final project :)

So do you want to come to the party with me???
You can find all about Carolyn Dube's Colorful Gelli Print Party on her Blog!! September's Party is taking place right now!
See you there!


  1. What a gorgeous combination of colors and textures, Maria!
    Love that you combined your three favorite Gelli plate prints to achieve this look!

  2. Swoon- I am so in love with this!! I love how you cut your Gelli prints apart and used it to make a new one! And you colors- they pop big time! You know I love those bits of text peeking through!!!

  3. Well, that makes two of us... cuz I'm in love with it too. Color + texture = love.

  4. Great color combo. You know how I feel about this stencil <3. How do you ever cut it out so neatly.....mine would be gouged and gaffed. xox

  5. This is stunning Maria! Those circles just pop off the page!


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