Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Special Edition Artsy Fartsy

Carolyn Dube and I are back with a  Special Edition of Artsy Fartsy Friendly Fun!
Why special edition you might ask...well keep reading.

I have tried starting this post about 10 times now...not sure what to write or show. 

Grateful for the honor of designing my very own stencils for StencilGirl, grateful for StencilGirl and Mary Beth Shaw and grateful for having a friend who wanted so VERY badly to do this post today. But then again she is a STENCIL JUNKIE and would jump at the chance to use any stencil she cold get her hands on :)

OKAY...no more trying...here we go!
I designed my very OWN stencils for StencilGirl
 and I am SO excited I cannot contain myself!!!!!!!

I cannot put into words the emotions I am feeling--seriously NO words.
This first one is called Stitch a Greek Medallion and is available now on the StencilGirl Products website.
It has deep meaning for me. 

My heritage, my faith and my family. 
There are personal stories for each ring. One I will share is the significance of the ring of leaves. It is a reminder to me of my marriage, the crowns that are put on our heads in a Greek Wedding ceremony and that day 26 years ago. My poor Irish husband having to walk around in circles with those crowns on his head is a moment I will never forget and cherish.
You may have seen this project a few weeks ago on StencilGirl Talk.
It is what I intended with the stencil--to show you that stencils can be used as a pattern for your embroidery projects.

But it can also be used in so many ways....like in this Art Journal page I made. Yes, if you look close you might see some sneak peeks in the background :)

Now PLEASE go over to Carolyn's Blog and see what she made--in true Artsy Fartsy form we refuse to see what the other has made until it goes live, but I do know that that rule was almost broken last night...she is very excited! 
As a matter of fact I'll go with you! I cannot wait to see what she made!

You can see past Artsy Fartsy posts from Carolyn HERE and from me HERE.

Thanks for stopping by today! 
I truly appreciate each and every person that comes by to pay me a visit!
I'm also over at the StencilGirl Talk Blog today with the 
AUGUST StencilClub reveal and a project!
Stop by and say HI!


  1. Those blues! So perfect with your design! The dimension in your art journal page & the gold on top- so rich! LOVE IT! Your stitching- so in awe of that- you are going to have to teach it to me! No wonder why this stencil spoke to me- you designed it from your heart- with such meaning in the circles. Cannot wait to get my hands on those sneak peek stencils in the background!

  2. Beautiful~! Blue is one of my favorite colors <3 Loved that you shared the story behind one of the rings! Can't wait to hear the rest in future posts. Congrats on your debut stencil :)

    1. Hi Margie!
      So good to "see" here and thank you for such a nice comment :)

  3. Striking!!!!! Whew.. I need a coffee after that.

  4. Love the dimensions and the combination of metallics and blues!
    So amazingly gorgeous!
    Congratulations on your new stencil design! I love it!!

  5. It's a beautiful stencil design - and I love the embroidered piece, it really makes me want to pick up needle and thread again! x

    1. Thanks Jeanette--watch out if you pick up that needle, you may never put it back down again. Thanks for visiting :)

  6. ***Love***adore and the blue, wow, it looks so special with that hit of gold. Your stitching work is so refined, all in all fantastic my friend. From design to all this, can't wait to play with this one myself. xox

  7. I love the stencil, Maria, but have to admit, after seeing what Carolyn did with it (so striking in black'n'white) could not imagine anything different looking as good. But, of course, I was wrong. The blues with the gold is equally as beautiful. It turns out to be a very versatile stencil! Bravo!

    1. Thanks Kay! I SO appreciate your comment! Isn't Carolyn's awesome!!! So much so that it is now my new Facebook cover photo.

  8. Awesome! What fun...love this Artsy Fartsy play time! beautiful stencil Maria! congrats!

  9. Oh my gosh Maria! This is so wonderful! I love the richness of the blue and gold. Really Fabulous! I cannot wait to get my hands on this! And I love the sentimentality of the symbolism! You are wonderful!

  10. Holy Moley! I got sidetracked yesterday on my way here from Carolyn's blog, so I am SO glad I follow you by BlogLovin' as they had me covered. This is AMAZINGLY gorgeous and how very cool that each ring has a special meaning. Congratulations, Designah!!!

  11. I love this stencil. Congratulations on getting your very own Stencil Girl stencil.
    Sandy Karsten

  12. Oh my, what a lovely stitched piece of you stencil. And I love that stencil. I am so inspired. Thanks.


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