Monday, July 29, 2013

Playing with StencilGirl Loose Woman

Something I struggle with all the time. 
I'm sort of a all or nothing kind of girl.
Thinking I need to find some balance....

This project started a while back with some left over black paint mixed with molding paste I had used for another project. I has so much left over that it landed on many pages and through many stencils. There is that balance thing again!This time it was one of the Loose Woman Stencils by Sue Pelletier for StencilGirl

I painted her in with craft paint and used Stickles on her outfit.

I had a bottle of Glossy Accents on my table and just scribbled some stripes down the page. Let it dry and forgot about it for WEEKS.

The background was completed with some Silks painted over the dry Glossy Accents. Since the Glossy Accents acts as a resist after the paint was dry I just buffed the surface with a papertown to bring the white back.

Just goes to show you that you can make a quick easy page with you start with an AWESOME stencil!


  1. Fancy bathong suit. Love the strong body outline of the black. xox

    1. It's a prototype of the outfits we are going to wear together :)

  2. Balance is what I strive for, Maria.. We can do this. Love the woman here.. fun and freed.

  3. Oh my gosh! She is darling! I love her sparkly bathing suit! And your glossy resist is wonderful!

  4. Glitter is perfect for this woman! Let her sparkle and shine! Now you've inspired me to get out my glossy accents and Silks!

  5. How fun! Love her sparkly outfit and all the media you combined to create this!


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