Friday, July 19, 2013

Doodle?? Yes Please!

Sometimes you just have to DOODLE! How did this page start in my journal? 
I'll show you...

I was just using up extra paint that was on my palette on a blank page in my journal.  Guess I was "in the moment" because the next parts I didn't take pictures of. I started adding bits of paper scraps on my desk. Then I used quite a few "found" objects to make marks. I did use one stencil on the page. It is the StencilGirl Apples and Pomegranate's designed by Jessica Sporn. You can see the branch throughout the page.

It sat undoodled until yesterday when I just picked up a pen and started playing. 
The rest is history :)


  1. Holy smokes! That squiggle became amazing- such bright colors- the patterns - the layers! In love!!

  2. Love the bright happy colors.

  3. I saw this yesterday and am painting with my other arty tribe so I didn't have a chance to sneak in until now. Rockin Maria, I love the color freedom of this page and it just sings happiness. xox

  4. Love your vivid colors and your whimsical design Maria!

    Take care and STAY POSITIVE!


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