Monday, July 22, 2013

A Doodle RE-do....

A while back I showed you a Doodle Page. It looked like this:

Today it looks like the picture at the top of the post. Just shows nothing is safe in my journal when there is a pen sitting on the table.

I have an exciting week ahead! Wednesday I'll be participating in a Blog Hop with one of Nathalie Kalbach's stencils from StencilGirl and on Friday StencilGirl Talk will have our very first Blog Hop!
Hope you will come back and visit for all my fun!


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  2. Lovin these doodles, glad you picked up your pens and got to playing. xox

  3. I liked the original...but LOVE what you've done with it now...very cool!!!

  4. Wonderful work these stand out a mile. xx

  5. Awesome pen work, Maria... I loved it the first time but now it's really outstanding. Makes me want to start doodling right this instant.


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