Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sometimes You Just Have to Doodle...

Do you doodle? 
Ever since I can remember doodling is the one thing that can free my brain when it is in overdrive which happens quite often to me. 
Lately, I have been finding myself doodling more and more in my daily journal. 
Here are some peeks into this weeks spread before the journaling starts.

 Sorry about the blurry pictures, I didn't realize until I started with the journaling and couldn't go back and retake them.


  1. I adore paisley, always have....these doodles are just the happiest- thanks for making me smile. xox

  2. I love doodling, Maria... these make me so happy... and so colorful.. yippy.

  3. You make doodling look so easy! Love all the color and pattern!

  4. Beautiful! Paisley is so much fun and yours are so bright and colourful!


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