Saturday, May 25, 2013


I have a room upstairs dedicated to all my artistic endeavors but I never want to stay in there. It is away from everyone and has so many things in it I get too overwhelmed so I have branched out. I've made a mess everywhere I can in my house. This is the kitchen table on a daily basis (it magically gets cleaned up before dinner). Heck, who am I kidding--dinner? Does anyone else do this?? Just wondering....


  1. I have a room too and love to work at my kitchen breakfast bar, so does hubby so between the two of us we eat on the couch, LOL. Love seeing those full buckets of markers and pencils!!! xox

  2. Now, that's a lot of art love right there. I worked on my kitchen table for YEARS, until I was able to take over an extra bedroom. I remember going through that cleaning before dinner.. shoving all the stuff to the edge. So, I understand what your go through. If I do art away from the studio (which is gone now and in my garage)... I put a bag together and bring it with me to my comfy chair. I do like my "art bubble" away from the family sometimes, I must admit. Hey, whatever works.

  3. I have a second bedroom that is my studio and I love being in it. I even have a daybed in there so I can nap if I want to. When I wake up, the first thing I see are my books and paints. I would be lost without this room.

  4. Ohhhh... I love to see this! I will do the same on my blog and link it back to you! This just shows you are a real person...doing what you love! So happy for you! Love Love Love you!

  5. So it's not supposed to look like this? I thought this was what tables were supposed to be- filled with joy!

  6. I have a beautiful spot that is seldom clean enough to work in. But today it is clean as I was expecting a play date that didn't happen.


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