Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Paint Pens--the right one for me....

Supplies, supplies everywhere. I have a serious problem :) I get obsessed with pens, pencils and markers of all kinds. This time it is paint pens and finding the PERFECT one for ME. Many of the ones I have used over the years frustrate me! They either don't work, leak, skip all the time, are sticky or give uneven coverage.

What better place to test and play than my daily art journal. All I can say is I think I am a Posca girl ALL THE WAY
Love them!


  1. Don't know Posca, but I know what you mean about them clogging, not working, etc. Love your test page of colors and shapes.....xox

  2. ENABLER! And I love it- I have been looking at many of my paint markers and they just aren't doing for me what I want so I think I'll give Posca a try!

  3. Interesting. Where did you get them? Like I need something new!!!!!

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh... I have a small list of my first to buy after I move and get my studio set up.. This will be one of them. Thanks, Chickie.

  5. I'm with you. When I discovered those last year I was blown away.... love 'em!

  6. I've never used or even heard about Posca pens... might have to try them. Great colors! I see a shopping trip ...

  7. I have been using UniPoscas since I was in highschool. I used to draw on clothers, too. They are very good tools!! :))


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