Sunday, May 26, 2013

My Daily Journal with StencilGirl Stencils....

Playing in my Daily Art Journal with StencilGirl stencils from Pam Carriker

I love the face stencils from Pam! They are helping me so much with my faces. I have a long way to goo.....she has a big nose but heck so do I :) The gears from Mary Beth make a very cool background!

I had done the face in my journal first with a water soluble pencil and then added the background paper around her.

You can see Pam's stencil HERE and Mary Beth's HERE


  1. I love how you've taken Pam's face stencil and made it your own. That is the greatest thing to me about stencils! Noses are such a tough thing and who has a perfect nose that isn't photoshopped!

  2. Get out of town! She's awesome. She looks like a young Barbra Striesand. I don't know why I do that.. sometimes I find some of my faces look like celebrities. Anyway... great face.. great job!

  3. Great combination of those two stencils Maria....I rather like her long neck and I agree with Judy, there is some Striesand in there somewhere....noses, well I think everyone seems to have their own nose style don't you? xox

  4. Love the achromatic portrait against the turquoise and violet patterns!
    Wonderful combination!

  5. Ohhh Maria! I think it is lovely! great background! I love how you blurred your journaling. Photoshop? or Paint?

  6. wowzers! Amazing face and love the background. Well done!


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