Thursday, May 23, 2013

I didn't finish my homework....

I started a background for one of my lessons in 30 Pages in 90 Days with Gulfsprite. Before I continued to the remaining parts of the lesson, I decided I liked it just the way it was and didn't want to finish.
I thought maybe if I made another one in another journal maybe I could come back to the first one and finish the lesson, so I made this:

No luck--I liked them both. My next move, make a wall canvas and then maybe I'll come back to one of these.


  1. I absolutely LOVE these! Gorgeous! Stunning! Oh my! :)

  2. I like these! I agree that sometimes it is hard to cover up something you love! And I agree! Just start a new one! Hugs!

  3. I have 3 words for you LOVE LOVE LOVE. No kidding.

  4. I love them both too. The good thing about being an artist like yourself is you can make as many as you like!!!! xox

  5. This is so gorgeous! Love the vine with leaves traveling up around the circles... must pin...

  6. No wonder you have this problem- these look fabulous! Isn't this just the best kind of problem! I love how you use the reds- strong vibrant but not over powering!

  7. Wow! This is beautiful!! I love the reds!!!


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