Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Colorful Workshop...Gelli Printing...

Sometimes I get caught up in the moment of making the art and forget about posting the this week I'm going to try to catch up.

Here are some prints from the lessons in Carolyn Dube's A Colorful Workshop: Gelli Printing. I'm not saying this because Carolyn is my friend, but she has the most wonderful way of teaching. I feel like she is right there with me playing. She makes you understand, laugh and most importantly try some things you never may have before. If you haven't signed up, you still can. I highly recommend it!

I'm showing you prints and not finished projects this time. I love some of these prints and they may stay just the way they are. Some you might see transform into something else. 

I won't tell you which lessons I made these in because that would wreck it for you when you take the class.



  1. Oh Maria.. these are just stunning. You could never plan this kind of serendipity.

  2. Amazing prints. I second your comments on Carolyn's her style and enthusiasm for all things Gelli!

  3. Gelli print magic happening here! You've got me curious as to which ones are going to be transformed! Thanks to you, and Julie, for such kind comments on the workshop!


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