Wednesday, May 8, 2013

30 Pages...8

Page 8 in Christy Sobolewski's 30 Pages in 90 Days by Gulfsprite brought an interesting comment from my husband--two comments in one week! He usually doesn't say much about my artwork. This time he stood over me and said, "Honey, sometimes I worry about you!" Well, I then knew I succeeded with the theme for this page--WEIRD! I think I had as much fun finding the collage images for this page as I did making the page :) I actually wish the face I drew looked a little weirder!


  1. Embrace the weird love your weirdness this page is great! xox

  2. Weird, strange, funky.. love it. Make your next one even weirder then. Love seeing your pages.

  3. Fantabulous - when I saw Beaker as the page loaded I just knew it was going to amazing! Now all your blog readers know what I have known- you are weird ( in the best way!)

  4. Love the "listen" and Beaker also cracked me up... great page~!

  5. Love it!!
    DIANA L.


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