Thursday, April 18, 2013

StencilGirl Stencil Test Drive.....Flying Tulips by Jessica Sporn

Welcome to another StencilGirl Test Drive 
featuring the Flying Tulips Stencil by Jessica Sporn.

I started this spread in my art journal while I was doing the test drive for the Window and Doors Stencil a few weeks back.  I had cleaned my stencil off on these two pages and that is where it began. She has no words yet because I haven't figured out what she is saying yet....

I painted in her hair in orange color and then in my never ending need to use up some old stash pulled out this dreamweaver embossing paste. I don't even know if they still make this stuff. It was still perfect in the bottle after a long long time. This is where her hair got texture from.

I still have one more page in my journal where I had cleaned off this stencil before--wonder what that might turn into :)

In case you missed my Windows and Doors Test Drive where I used this stencil in the background, here is a look at that too.
Now it is time to continue on the Test Drive and see what others did with this stencil:


  1. She's amazing! Love how you created all that texture in her hair. Thank you so much for driving the stencil - your creations are always gorgeous and so creative! xo

  2. We should all have flowing locks like that and ruby red lips. She is gorgeous and she glows! Wonderful use of Jessica's stencil to give her textured locks. xox

  3. Well, I know what she's saying.. she's saying "damn, I look good". Really, Maria.. this is beautiful.

  4. With tulips in her that!

  5. She is gorgeous Maria!!! Love the textured hair. I had to giggle- I also still have stencil paste which is good after all these years :) Don't know either if they still make this product.

  6. Wow, Maria, that is an awesome spread! Love how you've used the stencil so differently each time. GORGEOUS!

  7. This is what she is saying "Sometimes I wonder why I feel so all alone, why I'm a stranger in my own life?" it is from a Sheryl Crow song.

  8. I love the texture you've created with the stencil! (I also think it's great that you "clean off" your stencils on journal pages... What a great starting point for future art!)


  9. Wow!!! Fabulous pages!!! Love how you did the hair!!

  10. Love the flowing hair! Glad the embossing paste worked, it makes a great texture! Love the colors in the doors page too!


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