Thursday, April 4, 2013

Life Book...Week 10

Well...Life Book and I have crying in catch-up yet again.  Week 10's lesson. This was one of Tam's lessons. I always love her lessons and this was no different. But what is with the crying with the lessons???!!! I guess they are touching me in some way. 

This lesson = GRATITUDE.
There is so much meaning inside these lessons that you really can't appreciate it unless you do lesson. If you haven't signed up for Life Book you still can. I highly recommend it.


  1. Oh my gosh Maria! This is incredible BEAUTIFUL! stunning!
    I know you are so busy...

    but I hope you to meet once agian over on

    xxx from Austria


    PS: wish you fun with the life book lessons!
    great ..

    I am sorry that I don´t take part ...
    I have always troule with payment of online courses because I don´t have any Paypal oder creditcards..
    so oldfashioned my gosh!

    horrible me!

  2. Imsee you are catching up. Love your heart and your gratitude showing so beautifully. Those tears just make room for something new to show up in your heart. Hope you are already having a blast and will be doing som Tam catching up myself....xox

  3. I'm seeing this redeveloped with wine corks. I better get drinking.

  4. Oh Maria, those rich colors are pulling me in.... love this!


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