Monday, April 1, 2013

Life Book Lesson....Week 12

Last week I had a free day and decided to use it on catch up in some of my Life Book Lessons. Week 12 brought us a lesson from Mindy Lacefield. I had watched the videos a few nights previously and the lesson looked so fun and lighthearted I couldn't wait to try it. Well....5 minutes into my creation I started crying hysterically and continued to do so the entire time I was making it. Let's just say that this was, so far, the most personal Life Book assignment I have done. You might not see it...but it is a story of the love for my son. The journaling under the paint tells the story. Thank you Mindy for this lesson--I truly enjoyed it (after I stopped crying).

PS: Casey....I love you more than words or paint can say.


  1. OH Maria, this is truly beautiful. I know exactly how you feel about your son because I feel the same about mine even though he is all grown up.....such soft freedom of expression in your is everywhere. xox

  2. Wow! It's 100% fabulous, and how extra special that the lesson stirred such emotion from you. You are making me want to stop time for awhile and go get caught up on Lifebook.


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