Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Use Your Words....Take on Lesson 4

Trying to Catch up in my buddy Carolyn Dube's Free Workshop--Use Your Words. Here is my take on Lesson 4. I am finding that Carolyn and my styles are different and this class is really pushing me to do some things that I usually don't do--which is a GOOD thing :)
I had laid down my stencil on the page next to this after I was done with my spray ink which then led me to this page. It isn't done yet, it needs something. I think I'll let it sit for awhile until something strikes me :)


  1. Oh I believe, great use of words, love the stitched look of your letters. xox

  2. Your spray ink 2 for 1 stenciling is one of my favorite ways to get a start on a new page- I love when the art tells me what it wants! You've inspired me with your washi tape use and that is such a true quote- we do just wanna have fun! You are so comfortable with reds- love the way you've used it here- I need to stretch myself to use it more for some reason I shy away from it.

  3. it looks great, love the circles with the words in it!

  4. Love those stencil markings. The words are great!

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  6. Love how you did the words and the washi tape was a great addition!!


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