Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Taking a New Class....

I have always struggled with collage as far as my Art Journal goes. I'm usually not one to take bits from here and there and add them to my work unless I'm working on a canvas. I guess I like to draw it or stencil it or paint it and then add some details (which is my favorite part). I decided that I want to get better at collage so I signed up for a new class called 30 Pages in 90 Days with Gulfsprite (which is Christy Sobolewski). I love her style and have taken one of her other classes and am enjoying that one. 

In this one we will be making, just as the title says, 30 Pages in 90 Days.  I am LOVING it, learning things and even think my collage is getting a little better already! For the first few I decided to stay close to Christy's process. She even used a bird in the first one that I have had my desk FOREVER and now had the perfect reason to use it! 
Here is my first page:


  1. Lovely Maria. Those colors always speak to me and your collage is wonderful, love the little free form circular shapes filled with such glorious color....Fly free and enjoy. xox

  2. I am loving this page. The brown bird on the music page and the turquoise and orange in the background is amazing. I love Christie's style also. I follow her on YouTube.

  3. Magnificent! There is not one sign- not one anywhere here, that you have any trouble with collage! Magnificent!

  4. This looks so free and freeing. If only I had the time for one more class...


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