Sunday, March 24, 2013

30 Days.....3

Poseidon....he was my inspiration for this one. 
This is another collage in the class I'm taking 30 Pages in 90 Days with Gulfsprite. Poseidon has always been a recurring God in our lives since we got married. He comes, he goes..most of the time he comes at the worst possible moment.  All you really need to know is that we have water issues, some good-some bad. I had another title all set for this page but then the rain came and so did a broken sump pump so the title changed. There are some deeper meanings to the title too...but I'll save that for the journaling which I will tuck in somewhere.


  1. Ugh broken sump pump, been there...Love the mighty trident of Posiedon, he will come to your water rescue. Powerful imagry for what lies beneath the waves. xox

  2. Love the way you used the bright blue to pop! It also gives it such a 3D feeling since some of the blue is in front of him and some behind him. Hope things dry out quickly for you!


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