Thursday, February 14, 2013

Use Your Words....

I'm hoping you have all signed up for my friend Carolyn's Free Online class--Use Your Words. If you haven't then run over HERE and sign up and then come back and read the rest!

So, now that you have signed up for Carolyn's Free Online class...and you don't have the stencil that she is using (I didn't)...let me help you out with a few ideas. I'll show you over the next few posts. The first one is--USE your STASH!!! I have papercrafted for a VERY long time. Not so much anymore, but I have more supplies than any human should ever need. 
I know you have them! 
Go look for some chip board letters...

So now you have TWO words. 
Double the fun! 
The one fits and I'll use that some other time. 
One doesn't--Carolyn to the rescue!!!!

I was going to put a picture here...but I don't want to give anything away from the class.
 I'll save that for Carolyn!

Perfect Fit!

I can't wait to see what YOU make!
Make sure you put what you make in the Carolyn's Flicker group for the class. 
I know she would LOVE to see it!


  1. Super way to use up some of that chipboard... oh do I hear you on having that ancient stash. Loving C's class!

  2. Yes Maria. Yes you are! I love your page... and your thriftiness! Way to go!

  3. How did I miss this, head spinning. Fun use of the chipboad and I like that you get two uses for it, the positive and negative. Bright red, what a way to light things up. xox

  4. You are so right to use what you have! It has got to feel good to use up some of the stash! Brave is your word!!

  5. You know I've also got lots of stuff from my scrapbooking days and I thought I had something I could use. Thanks for the ideas and now I can use some of that stash.


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