Thursday, February 7, 2013

Life Book...Bonus Project...

Last week in Life Book Tam put a free bonus lesson on her blog here. I was really drawn to the lesson for some reason--must have been the word Brave :)

I really enjoyed this lesson and yes, it got some things out of my system that were bugging me. I followed Tam's instructions step by step, I think that was the key.
I hope you go take a look and do it too.


  1. Fantastic page Maria. I read the lesson but haven't gottenthere yet. it's nice to see your shift of energy and getting rid of what you needed to do with this piece and to have such a roch result. xox

  2. Nothing like a good journaling session to set all the atoms straight, lol, love your page, hugs

  3. She is wonderful! I really love the close up one because it showcases the layers of colors you have in the background. I keep looking at her eyes!


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