Monday, February 11, 2013

Letter Love!....

Taking some time to do a few assignments in my Letter Love 201 class. Love Joanne Sharpe's classes. They are usually some of the projects I keep to myself but I really loved how this one turned out and wanted to share it. I would have to say next to playing with paint this is probably one of my favorite ways of doing art--something that I have loved since I won the 2nd Grade Penmanship Award. Believe me, I didn't win that many awards I have to remember the ones I did, LOL!
Of course, I had to add some Brave Girl words :)
You can find out about Joanne's classes HERE.


  1. This is beautiful. I took Letter Love 101 and learned so much. I am now on lesson three in Color Love ;)

  2. Love that style of writing between wavy lines. Great affirmations too!

  3. Noce Maria, you have been practicing some lovely lettering here. And some flowing color lines. xox

  4. Oh Maria.. gorgeous lettering- Joanne is such a great letterwoman!It seems as you enjoy this class very much!
    I think this would fix wonderful to our february-theme "peace" over on:


    would you link it ???

    Have a good week Maria!

  5. such a heartlifting and joyful side, love it :) Conny over AJJ

  6. I love how this flows- all the colors and different lettering styles! I can hear you saying all these words!

  7. OMGosh, Maria.. I dream having this talent someday! Love it.

  8. LOVE your letter Love and inspiring pages!


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