Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Brave Girl Art School....Embroidery....

I am having SO much fun in Brave Girl Art School--The Wing Session. Our second lesson was all about stitching which brought me right back to when I was a little girl learning how to embroider with my grandmothers. Before I started papercrafting and making art 20 years ago I was an avid and I mean AVID cross-stitcher. Now that I'm a little older it is harder for me to see and count like I used to so going back to embroidery is SO much fun to me. I'm a little rusty but that's okay because I'm having FUN! I have so many ideas in my head to draw out. Anyone have any suggestions of what I can make with my final works of art after they are done?

The Brave Girls Shoppe has some of Melody's artwork transformed into stitchery by Patrice Longmire. I purchased this one and a few others. Patrice is very special to me so it was like her and Melody were sitting right there with me while I did this.

This first one was designed by Patrice and the other one was a free pattern I found online. 
Happy Stitching! 
PS: I think I have a French Knot addiction now :)


  1. Both pieces are quite wonderful I have a french knot obsession too, they are just so pretty all bunched up together like they are in your heart! xox

  2. Look at all those French knots! I can feel the peace in these-your stitching is so beautiful!


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