Thursday, January 3, 2013

I'm Going to a Gelli Party....

My friend Carolyn is having a Gelli Plate party this week on her Blog and I'm going! I have been itching so bad to make something with my Gelli Plate. Everyone is home for the Christmas break and I feel guilty going up to my room to play. So last night I couldn't take it anymore. I went up and took one of the extra prints I made for the Stencil Test Drive and brought it downstairs on the couch with everyone along with my NeoColor II's. What fun I had!!!!!

After I saw Jessica's girl she did, I decided to make her a friend for the party. Although I think that my girl is a little more reserved and Jessica's a little more fun I'm sure they will get along just fine! As a matter of fact the stencil I used with the Gelli Plate is one of Jessica's own designs from Stencil Girl.

Here is my print:
 The only stencil used to make this print was Medieval Leaf by Jessica Sporn for Stencil Girl. You can get one HERE.

and here is my party girl:
Hope to see you over at the PARTY!!!!


  1. I think your girl's glam is fabulous! I think she will bring out the sophisticate as yet unawakened in my girl, and my girl will bring out the innate party animal in yours -- a perfect combo! So happy to party with you!

  2. I want her hat and her dress! I love her royal feel! She just pops off the red- the gelli stencil work on it gives the background such depth! I can hear the music at the party!

  3. Maria.. she's beautiful. The prints and the colors.. oh my. She looks a bit like you, I think. So purdy.

  4. She's absolutely lovely!

    Her eyes are very engaging.

  5. She is a pretty party girl, love her hat. That stencil rocks and with gelli printing too you made it even better. xox

  6. Love the red,red,red! The banner with sparkles is great. What fun, I may have to make a party girl, too!

  7. Love the richness of your print!! Your party girl is fantastic too!

  8. Super cute! What's the shiny? Tools like Xmas tinsel.

    ;-> Felicia
    The Journal Junkie


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