Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Happy Mail.....

The other day my friend Carolyn wrote on Facebook about how she loves when she gets a new empty shoebox to play with which led to a conversation between some of our friends about what she does with them.

I told everyone I too love when Carolyn gets a new box because I know what she does with them because I was the proud owner of some of the Happy Mail that she makes from them.

A few years ago I got a 8" x 10" envelope in my mailbox and I knew right away who it was from. 
I can't tell you what a smile it put on my face!

I promised I'd show everyone the latest box that I got from Carolyn. We were going to Art Is You together back in October but I had to cancel at the LAST minute due to a family issue. We were both really sad about it. Well about a week after Carolyn got back home....I got this!!! 
She had picked up all my goodies and sent them to me!

and the sides:

but I have to say my favorite part is what I found when I emptied the box....I have to tell you I have been known to open the box on days I'm having a bad day to get a smile :) It now sits on my desk and has some of my treasures in it and I treasure it!
Carolyn...I think you are amazing too! 
I am so lucky to have you in my life. We may live in different states and only see eachother a few times a year but we talk everyday sometimes more times than we can count :)
Carolyn has some amazing things happening in her life. 
I cannot wait until she announces them! 
You are going to LOVE it!

PS: I cannot believe that it looked this good after traveling through the mail!!!


  1. That is a beautiful box to treasure always! Thank you for sharing it. xo

  2. Now I am blushing! I am thrilled that you smile when you look in it because it is so true- you are amazing! I did notice one thing seeing the photos of the box...I do have to set aside some time to pester the post office to offer different colors of labels for their boxes- they always have that red, white, and blue. What about neon green, hot orange, or brilliant yellow? I'm not going to change my color palette so I think they should accommodate me...

  3. AWWW, how sweet is that, she is the most wonderful person and what a great friend. Now you have a keepsake that will always make you smile. xox

  4. My oh my what a gorgeous box!! That's terrific, and yes, after your friend mailed it even!!


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