Thursday, January 24, 2013

Daily Art Journal....still going strong!

I had promised myself in the beginning of the year that I would get back into my practice of daily Art Journaling. I am happy to far, so good! As a scrapbooker at heart, that no longer scrapbooks, I find that this tells my story and my family's story plus gives me the added joy of creativity.

I don't share much of my daily journal on my blog because it is very personal, but today after I finished some artwork I thought I'd show it before I start my daily journaling on this page. I was reading a old Oprah magazine article last night that gave me the words for my journaling so far. I had fun playing with a Donna Downey stencil and some old scrapbook letters. I have such a stash and I need to start using my supplies in my journals.

Have a great DAY!


  1. Beautiful words already Maria.....wouldn't it be great if we could all do this all the time, what a world it would be. xox

  2. Great quote! I love your colors. When you do your AJED, do you keep just one day on a page/spread? Or more than one? And do you ever use the dates/numbers as design elements? Just curious....As prez of your fan club, I thought I'd ask! Love ya!

  3. Maria.. that turqouise/teal color.. wow. My favorite. The contrast with the red is perfect. Some days are draining for sure. We all need to take that quote to heart. Thanks.

  4. Love how this flows from one page to the other- the bold flowers balanced by the jouranling area- the subtle stems flowing up the page! The words- they really spoke to me today!!


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