Saturday, January 5, 2013

A New Year, A New Journal.....

My one promise to myself this year is to get back into my practice of everyday art journaling. I abandoned it last year in the summer and now when I look back I am so upset with myself. So many important things happened in my life that I missed journaling about.

This year is going to be a big year of changes in my family. I'm feeling them already. My first born is finishing up his last year of High School and getting ready to move on to college. YES, I have already been crying for months! I'm not going to miss a minute of this year and will be documenting it in my art journal.

Here's my opening page in my journal. I'll finish it eventually....but I wanted to get to the important stuff :)

PS: I wish you could see the background in person. 
The Silks are AMAZING!


  1. The emptying of the nest is always hard...especially the first or in my case it was the only.....I wish I could see those silks up close, they certainly shimmer on the screen. xox

  2. Oh wow Maria the colors in this race just stunning!!!

  3. I am sure it is awesome in person as it is just gorgeous here-- Happy new Maria. I hope your tears cease and you can relish the moments as your family grows.

  4. How perfect to start a journal about you and your year with something that is amazing because you are an amazing person! Love how you created blocks of color with your brush strokes!

  5. Beautiful! And thanks for mentioning the Silks... I bought some at Art Is You and need to pull them out. Happy Journaling this year.

  6. Oooo love that background. From one mother to another with college students. It is hard, I won't lie, but for me.. as long as they were happy and found their "place", I was happy. If the college suits them and they are content, all will be good. Promise! And, they appreciate home so much more now.


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