Wednesday, December 19, 2012

StencilGirl Stencil Test Drive...Medieval Leaf by Jessica Sporn

Welcome to the Jessica Sporn and Stencil Girl Test Drive!

This is the second test drive blog hop of many running thru June introducing you to Jessica's stencils. You can find out more by going to Jessica's post HERE.

Please make sure you also visit:
Corrine Gilman, Carolyn Dube (my buddy) and Ronda Palazzari to see how they used this stencil.

Today we are showcasing the Medieval Leaf Motif Stencil L086 designed by Jessica Sporn for Stencil Girl. As soon as I looked at this stencil I knew what I wanted to make. I decided to just start out with some paint and my Gelli plate to get a "feel" for this new stencil. Fast forward a couple hours of FUN play....I had this:
 I decided to pick these four to work with:
My first idea was a I cut out some of the "flowers"...
and made this from the prints--even the middle flower is made from it and the bottom "leaves".
 Then I decided to make some gift boxes and tags to put my flowers on:
Isn't incredible what you can do with a beautiful stencil, cheap craft paint and cardstock???!!! 
Couldn't think of a better way to spend my day!

 I want to thank both Jessica Sporn and MaryBeth Shaw (Stencil Girl Products) for asking me to participate in their stencil test drive.

 Now it is your turn! What can you make with the Medieval Leaves stencil? 
Go to Jessica's Blog and find out how you can play along! You can purchase all of Jessica's stencils on the Stencil Girl site.

 Tomorrow I have another little project with some scraps from my cuts :)


  1. OMG! This turned out just so beautiful. Such lovely flowers and gift boxes. Thanks for sharing and I am on my way to check this out.

  2. Thank you so much for this glorious post! Love what you did with the stencil -- it certainly lent a holiday feel to your papers. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  3. The flower is a fab idea! Beautiful uses of the stencil.

  4. These are fantastic Maria, wow. Now you have me thinking - hmmm what can I do with me gelli prints and another of Jessica's stencils......Love these.....xox

  5. Do you have an ice pack? I have a big bruise on my bottom now that I fell out of my chair. Why did I fall out of my chair you ask? Because I was blown away by this!!!!! So festive- so fun! Now I see the petals in it- and these gift boxes are gifts themselves!

  6. These are great Maria! Love Love Love. Those are not your normal red and green Christmas colors... They look richer and more elegant! Beautiful!

  7. This is absolutely fabulous!!! What a great idea, you genius girl :)

  8. Oh wow-this is soooo clever and fun Maria!! LOVE this!!!

  9. Gorgeous and so clever! I NEED a gelli plate, and I NEED that stencil!!

  10. Oh your cutouts are SO COOL! Love how you made that all happen; beautiful!

  11. Love the flower bow! And of course, the stencil on the boxes.

  12. What a great idea! How did you get them to "shape" the way you wanted, so that you could layer them? I love the boxes and tags, so clever!


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