Sunday, November 18, 2012

Artsy Fartsy--Take 5....

Two weeks have flown by and it is time for another Artsy Fartsy Friendly Challenge with my friend Carolyn Dube. I seriously was doubting if I was going to get this one done. I have been working non-stop on a big project but decided that heck, I'm taking a break for ONE hour to do this. And that I did. I set my timer for one hour and had a fantastic time.

Our Challenge:
Gelli Plate from Gelli Arts (just because Carolyn and I can't stop using it)
A Die Cut Piece
Oil Pastels

I started with a print I made on my Gelli Plate--I wish the photo showed the detail more, it turned out just beautiful and shimmery:
Then a die cut or two....not a problem...they are thrown all over my house right now from the project I'm working on:
Looks like those diecuts are totally wrong....but I had a plan I added a few different water soluble pencils to try to "ground" the diecuts :
Then my last item to use...oil pastels. Not something I use that often unless they are the soluble kind. I colored all around the outside of my design with purple and blue oil pastels and used a stylus to scribble.

The words I added were a thought that has been going on in my head for awhile from a conversation we had at Brave Girl Camp. I think my heart diecut worked perfect for this thought. I will say that I could have went on and on with this piece. Adding more layers and depth, but unfortunately my one hour timer went off and it was back to work. 

I wonder what Carolyn did....
If you click HERE you will see too!


  1. So much depth here! Both in your words (which I needed to be reminded of lately) and your colors! There is color layered upon color- the scratching in the oil pastel was so perfect! I have to remember that next time I use my oil pastels! The red just pops and commands my eye to notice it and its words (again, more I needed to be reminded of)! So glad we get to do these challenges together!

  2. Love this page. Just came to know about your blog through Carolyn and find your art beauitful. This page layout is brilliant , aswell as the colours. Such depth

  3. What a beautiful sentiment and reminder to take "me time." I love all the shimmer, color and depth too. that red is just brilliant too. xo


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