Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Something Fun and Unexpected.....

Thought I'd share a fun background I made just on a whim. I love Iced Tazo Passion Tea. Everytime I make it and take the tea bag out of the container my hands get stained so the other day I thought what the heck--let's try something....

I took a piece of watercolor paper and randomly stamped all over the paper with the used tea bag.
Now I know it looks light here but as you can see in the next photo as it dries it becomes darker.
And believe it or not after it is completely dry it looks like this:
I tried it with two types of watercolor paper. I would have to say that the lower grade quality of watercolor paper turns out much better than the higher quality.

I think this is a really fun background to start a new art journal page!


  1. What a cool idea! Now you must take a tea break for your art!

  2. Oh, wow that's cool Maria! Be sure to post what you end up making with it!

  3. Maria that is truly cool! I really like the look of that background paper.


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